Murder Most Austen-Tracy Kiely

Murder Most Austen

Tracy Kiely

Minotaur, Sep 4 2012, $25.99

ISBN: 9781250007421


Elizabeth Parker knows her future is nebulous as she is unemployed and unsure of her relationship with her boyfriend Peter.  However, Elizabeth puts aside her woes as she and her great-aunt Winnie Reynolds fly to the annual Jane Austen Festival in Bath; where the great author placed Northanger Abbey.


At the gala they run into Winnie’s friend Cora Beadle and her daughter Izzy.  When Professor Richard Baines announces his shocking theory that Ms. Austen’s death was caused by syphilis, the Janeites are irate and think he is a lunatic; Cora especially rages.  Soon after his pronouncement, someone stabs to death Baines at the Regency Masked Ball where he was garbed as Mr. Darcy.  The police suspect Cora, his most vocal acerbic critic.  Elizabeth and Winnie investigate and quickly find several other people with stronger motives than Cora to kill Baines.


The latest Elizabeth Parker Janeites amateur sleuth (see Murder Most Persuasive; Murder on the Bride’s Side and Murder at Longbourn) is a terrific cozy due to a strong cast and scenes from out of Northanger Abbey.  Elizabeth is a wonderful heroine as she works the case with assistance from her well-meaning but often mistaken Aunt Winnie.  Though the engaging storyline offers few spins, sub-genre fans will enjoy Murder Most Austen as Jane stars.


Harriet Klausner


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