False Impressions-Laura Caldwell

False Impressions

Laura Caldwell

Mira, Aug 21 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9780778313731


In Chicago, Maggie Bristol of Bristol & Associates is going on maternity leave so she needs her best friend and employee lawyer- private investigator Izzy McNeil to take more responsibility.  Izzy owes Maggie who assister her transition from entertainment law to criminal law so will do what it takes to keep her BFF’s firm functioning.


Her friend Mayburn asks Izzy to do him a favor.  His former lover art gallery owner Madeline Saga has recently learned some originals she sold were fakes.  Madeline insists that when she first obtained these works they were originals; so far she has not gone to the police because she will be ruined.  Izzy investigates knowing this has to be an inside job by either someone working at the gallery or an artist.  The case turns ugly when this unknown adversary threatens to kill Madeline.  Packer cheesehead Detective Damon Vaughn tries to help Izzy the Bears fan when she becomes a target too.


The latest Izzy McNeil Chicago Files (see Question of Trust, Red Blood Murder Claim of Innocence and Red Hot Lies) is an engaging tale in which the whodunit though well written plays second fiddle to the changes in Izzy’s life.  Readers will appreciate Izzy’s tour of Chicago’s art scene as she learns the Agony and the Ecstasy (by Irving stone) that art imitates art.


Harriet Klausner


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