All Necessary Force-Brad Taylor

All Necessary Force

Brad Taylor

Dutton, Jan 17 2012, $25.95

ISBN 9780525952626


The alphabet soup of U.S. intelligence agencies learns via the internet that a terrorist group plans an attack inside America rather soon.  However, the CIA, FBI or DIS can’t identify who, when or where.  Top Secret Taskforce is assigned to find the needed information before it is too late.


When a Taskforce operation in Asia leaves an agent dead, former chief Logan Pike is placed in charge of the field operation.  He and his girlfriend/business partner Jennifer Cahill begin to unravel two planned attacks by separate terrorist groups.   However, as he and Jennifer learn of the smuggling into the country of a WMD like none before, Logan knows he will violate the law in which Taskforce is not authorized to operate inside the United States, but he has no choice.


The second Pike Logan Taskforce thriller (see One Rough Man) is an action-packed tale from start to finish.  The lead couple is an interesting pair as Logan struggles to run the show while Jennifer has a difficult moral dilemma to face.  Although the government officials and the terrorists are stereotypes (except for the recruited inmates); readers will appreciate this fast-paced violent thriller.


Harriet Klausner


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