Rivers To Blood-Michael Lister

Rivers To Blood
Michael Lister
Pulpwood, Mar 1 2014, $26.99
ISBN 9781888146394

In Florida, driving on the highway Potter Correctional Institute Chaplain John Jordan observes in his rear view mirror a seemingly out of control prisoner transport swerving. He pursues the van heading off the road, but an escapee renders Jordan unconscious. When he awakens, Jordan finds the driver Kent Murphy unconscious with a weak pulse and no one else in the van, but an injured work camp prisoner Michael Jensen lies outside; while the other transport officer Tom Pettis remains missing. Jordan’s dad the county sheriff and EMT arrive at the scene. The Chaplin soon recognizes the man in prison garb is Pettis.

PCI’s new warden Matson warns staff not to talk to Jordan and plans to replace the chaplain with someone else. At the same time psych specialist DeLisa Lopez informs Jordan that several convicts told her in confidence that humiliatingly they were sexually assaulted by a series of serial rapists. Finally near the prison escape scene a black male is found lynched.

The fifth John Jordan mystery (see Power in the Blood, Blood of the Lamb, Flesh and Blood, The Body and the Blood and Blood Sacrifice) is bloody good thriller with multiple complex subplots that Michael Lister deftly bring together in a great read. Fans will appreciate this fast-paced tale with several strong mysteries and a deep look at the good, the bad and the ugly in the prison and the Florida Panhandle.

Harriet Klausner

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