City Of Jasmine-Deanna Raybourne

City Of Jasmine
Deanna Raybourne
Mira, Feb 25 2014, $14.95
ISBN: 9780778316213

Aviatrix Evie Starke receives a photo of her husband Gabriel; on the back is written Damascus 1920. Though believing it to be a cruel hoax, Evie needs to know for sure why a photograph of her spouse claims to have been taken five years after he died on the German sinking of the USS Lusitania.

Clues lead Evie to Constantinople. Not long afterward, Gabriel arrives at her hotel room. Barely restraining herself from shooting him, Gabriel explains to his irate wife that he searches for an artifact. He persuades her to join him on an adventure into the desert where they find and lose the artifact, but Evie resolutely vows to recapture it at the same time remind her wandering mate what he loses once this adventure ends.

This is an entertaining action-packed historical thriller in which the romantic subplot plays a minor role to the deep look at 1920 Middle East. Fast-paced with an intriguing cast led by the intrepid sarcastic heroine and supported by the beguiling Aunt Dove (in early chapters), Gabriel and Bedouin and others; fans will appreciate this exhilarating post WW1 escapades in the desert.

Harriet Klausner

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