Forget Me Knot-Mary Marks

Forget Me Knot
Mary Marks
Kensington, Jan 7 2014, $7.99
ISBN: 9780758292056

In the San Fernando Valley Martha, Lucy and Birdie meet every Tuesday to quilt. This time the trio heads to the affluent home of local quilting award winning Claire to ask her if she would like to join their group. Upon arrival, the threesome finds Claire dead.

Not long afterward, Claire’s first place prize winning quilt and award winners by Martha and Birdie are stolen. Fuming Martha wants her quilt back while the deceased’s mother asks her to read her late daughters quilt stories. As Martha seeks to catch a thief, she also begins to find clues as to whom murdered the quilter and why in Claire’s work.

The first Quilting Mystery is an engaging amateur sleuth tale starring a strong middle aged woman who refuses to allow her fibromyalgia to dictate who she is. Although there is some sub-genre stereotyping (i.e., her changing relationship with the lead homicide investigator) readers will enjoy marvelous Martha’s opening act as she stitches together the clues left behind by Claire.

Harriet Klausner


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