Cries of the Lost-Chris Knopf

Cries of the Lost
Chris Knopf
Permanent, Nov 12 2013, $28.00
ISBN 9781579623326

Still recovering from injuries he received during an assault on his Chilean wife Florencia Etxarte that left her dead and him temporarily in a coma, market researcher Arthur Cathcart persuaded his sister the doctor to declare him dead so he can go undercover to investigate the murder. What he so far finds out shocks him as his late spouse’s illegal financial activities include embezzlement and off-shore accounts leaving him to wonder who he married (see Dead Anyway).

In a bank in the Caymans, Cathcart and his new girlfriend Natsumi Fitzgerald obtain the contents from Florencia’s safe deposit box. When the pair leave, thugs attack them. Soon using a zillion disguises, a quadrillion gadgets and his uncanny ability as a finder (no relation to the TV show), Cathcart and Fitzgerald play lethal chess with dangerous people associated with Florencia’s Basque DNA.

The second Cathcart amateur sleuthing is a fast-paced investigative tale as thugs chase after the lead couple. Though there is a déjà vu feel to the suspenseful storyline and Cathcart has more gizmos than Inspector Gadget, readers will appreciate this action-packed international thriller as one cannot help but to root for the hero and his sidekick to come out of this deadly life and death game triumphant.

Harriet Klausner

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