Killer Weed-Michael Castleman

Killer Weed
Michael Castleman
MP, Sep 10 2013, $14.95
ISBN 9781849822404

Silicon Valley dot-com billionaire Gene Simons hires unemployed reporter Ed Rosenberg to investigate the summer of love Haight-Ashbury scene. Simons has a personal interest because in 1968 someone murdered his pot selling mom in Golden Gate Park.

At the same time, Ed’s wife Julie works on the mayoral campaign of Dave Kirsch, a pot dealer and author of weed growing guides. To her horror, Julie is near Dave when someone assassinates him. While Julie turns to vino to help her cloud the horrible imprint controlling her brain; Ed, in between totes, works the Kirsch murder as well as the Simons’ cold case killing, but soon finds himself the target of a killer.

The latest Ed Rosenberg mystery (see A Killing in Real Estate) is an exciting fun tale that highlights the history of the not so counter culture. Fast-paced, both homicides decades apart are cleverly plotted as Ed works on both inquiries. Like the last line of Jefferson Airplane’s classic White Rabbit, Killer Weed will “Feed your head. Feed your head.”

Harriet Klausner

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