Bad Nights-Rebecca York

Bad Nights
Rebecca York
Sourcebooks Casablanca, Sep 3 2013, $7.99
ISBN 9781402280009

In a remote cabin in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Widow Morgan Rains watches a video of her and her late husband Glenn Chandler when she hears a noise. Taking out a gun that she has kept nearby since Glenn was murdered during a robbery; she peeks out the window to see a naked man stumbling. Though Morgan knows she should not, she steps outside and is shocked. Her visitor is battered and has cigarette burns all over his body. Morgan tries to get him into the cabin, but he suspects her to be one of his enemies. She finally gets him inside.

Ex-Navy SEAL Jack Brandt cannot recall what happened to him beyond an explosion on an undercover mission, but he knows from the freshness of his injuries that those torturing him are nearby. As his adversaries close in on him, Jack and Morgan flee into the mountains while he begins to recall the militia he infiltrated and their nefarious deadly plan.

The first Rockfort Security saga is an exciting tense thriller in which the survival cat and mouse suspense supersedes the romance. The entertaining storyline stars two engaging leads with issues; hers is grief while his are physical. Action-packed from the moment Morgan looks out her window and never slows down until the anticipated final biological agent confrontation. Fans who appreciate a taut terrorism tale in which the love subplot feels unnecessary will want to join Morgan and Jack on their adventures.

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