Murder On The Rocks-Allyson K. Abbott

Murder On The Rocks
Allyson K. Abbott
Kensington, Aug 6 2013, $7.99
ISBN: 9780758280152

In Milwaukee, following the murder of her widower father ten months ago, Mackenzie Dalton inherited his Mack’s Bar. Thirtyish, “Little Mack” lives above her bar. Thus before her coffee, Mack goes out to toss the trash but finds a corpse next to the dumpster in the alley behind the bar. The cops answer her 911 call. MPD detective Duncan Albright questions Mack who explains her senses are wired differently due to her being a synesthesia. Taking her neurological explanation seriously, Duncan shows her a photo of the victim; stunning Mack as that is her late father’s girlfriend Ginny Rifkin

Although Mack is the obvious suspect, Duncan believes the two homicides in the alley are related and knows the bar owner loved her dad. They team up trying to solve the case while her regulars also make inquiries as they rally around their Little Mack.

The first Mack’s Bar Mystery is a super whodunit due to the unique heroine whose descriptions of synesthesia is concise yet vivid and helps with the case. Her relationship with Duncan is friendly though there are hints at more to come while the support Capone Club Bucks bring brew eccentricities to the fabulous investigation(s).

Harriet Klausner


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