High Treason-John Gilstrap

High Treason
John Gilstrap
Pinnacle, Jul 30 2013
ISBN: 9780786030194

The Secret service hates protecting First Lady Anna Darmond as she takes risks that place her and them in dangerous situations as she loves to party. Accompanied by her protectors, Anna goes to the Wild Times Bar when a homeless person opens fire on her detail. FLOTUS disappears while several agents are dead.

FBI Director Irene “Wolverine” Rivers asks Security Solutions’ Hostage rescue Specialist Jonathan Grave to find Darmond as he trusts no one inside the Feds. At the same time DC cop Lincoln arranges to meet with Washington Enquirer reporter David Kirk on the deadly incident at Wild Times, but is murdered before they connect. Grave, his top gun Big Guy and his computer guru Venice begin the search for the missing First Lady, whose past is strangely shrouded’ while Kirk struggles to stay alive.

The latest Jonathan Grave high octane novel (see Damage Control) is an exhilarating thriller that never slows down from the moment the assault at the bar occurs until the final confrontation in Canada. Although the myriad of acronyms followed by their words (without using parenthesis) breaks up sentence flow, readers will appreciate this action-packed twister as Grave, Big Guy and several surprising helpers attempt a dangerous rescue north of the border without Federal support.

Harriet Klausner


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