Unseen-Karen Slaughter

Karen Slaughter
Delacorte, Jul 2 2013, $27.00
ISBN: 9780345539472

Macon police detective Lena Adams married her late partner Jeffrey Tolliver’s son Jared whose mother Dr. Sara Linton blames her for the homicide of her spouse five years ago due to her shoot from the hip attitude. Last week, Lena led a drug raid that turned ugly leaving four dead, one hospitalized and her with a scalp wound and the haunting memory. After dealing with Internal Affairs, Lena plans to get back to working on taking down local drug lord Sid Waller.

Shooters break into their home hitting Jared and leaving him barely alive. Lena takes down one of the intruders and recognizes another as GBI Agent Will Trent who is undercover as Bill Black. Jared is rushed to the hospital while his paternal grandmother tells his mother who immediately leaves Atlanta’s Grady Memorial to be with her estranged son. Will knows his cover may be busted with the woman he loves in town. Both believes Jared being in intensive care is due to Lena’s crossing the line again, but though he works a drug case, this time Will hopes to prove it before someone else is hurt.

Longtime fans of Karen Slaughter’s Georgia police procedurals (Grant County and Will Trent) will appreciate the latest series crossing as the anticipated cat fight between Sara and Lena comes to a head; while Jared lies near death and Will hopes to avoid exposure leading to his becoming the next victim. Gripping from the opening home invasion, readers will relish this strong twisting thriller as all roads lead to Lena.

Harriet Klausner

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