Private Spies-P.J. Nunn

Private Spies
P.J. Nunn
Tidal Wave, Jun 18 2013, $13.95
ISBN: 9780615832562

After graduating from college, Joey Catronio came home to open Private Spies, a P.I. firm. When Joey dies, his childhood best friend Jesse Morgan inherits the successful business. Jesse considered selling as she only worked the information technology end but decided to keep the company open though she knows very little about sleuthing and cannot park in his spot. Just before he died, Joey hired retired police officer Byron Montgomery as an investigator; at least that is what the ex-cop claims. Not stupid, Jesse knows she needs Byron if she is to make it as a P.I.

Beverly Gafford calls to speak with Joey, but instead hires Jesse to find her ex-husband Lawrence Gafford who she says abducted their daughter taking her back to his Dallas home. The simple case turns convoluted as nothing is what her client claims it to be. With a corpse in Jesse’s tub, she sorts through names and pictures that fail to match until Beverly abruptly fires her.

This is an engaging twisted private investigative thriller starring a wonderful rookie and the veteran trying to keep her out of trouble though she is a magnet for tsuris. Fast-paced from that first call, readers (and the sleuths) wonder what is going on as nothing is what it is supposed to be; the refreshing reason will stun the audience.

Harriet Klausner

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