The Flinch Factor-Michael A. Kahn

The Flinch Factor
Michael A. Kahn
Poisoned Pen, Jun 4 2013, $24.95
ISBN 9781464201424

In St. Louis, almost four years a widow, Rachel Gold is a single mom raising her son and two stepdaughters. Currently Rachel and her partner Jacki Brand represent clients in two complex legal cases.

Everyone who knew renovator Nick Moran including Rachel is shocked that he overdosed in a pickup truck on Gay Way as most people realized he took drugs and was gay. His sister Susannah Beale visits Rachel without an appointment because she believes the attorney knew her late brother and will help her prove the cops wrong as she insists her sibling was murdered.

Later that same day, Rachel is in Circuit Court of St. Louis County arguing over setting a deposition date in the “Frankenstein” case with attorney Rob Crane in front of the worst judge probably in the state, Flinch. She represents the middle class residents suing to keep their homes while Crane’s client developer Mr. Rubenstein is too busy to respond to why he should be allowed to build a gated community at the site of their homes. With legal help from her partner and investigative assistance from Benny Goldberg, Rachel’s cases begin to overlap.

The latest Rachel Gold legal thriller (see Trophy Wife and Due Diligence) contains two terrific cases that bring out the tough trial lawyer competing in court in front of the notorious Judge Flinch, a hyperbole of a horrendous judicial who does not belong on the bench. Outside of her all business legal world, Rachel shows her love for her children, other family members and her partner and friends, and even a grieving client. Readers will enjoy this gold mystery.

Harriet Klausner

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