Her Boyfriend’s Bones-Jeanne Matthews

Her Boyfriend’s Bones
Jeanne Matthews
Poisoned Pen, Jun 4 2013, $24.95
ISBN: 9781464201370

Anthropologist Dinah Pelerin and Norwegian cop Thor Ramberg enjoy a romantic interlude on the Greek island of Samos. Thor selected the place and arranged for the cottage they are spending the summer at. However, she is taken aback when he seems excited over the cottage’s history. In 1973 Greek actress Marilita Stephan murdered her boyfriend, his mother, and a colonel before the military junta executed her.

Dinah’s widowed aunt by marriage Neesha calls her from Atlanta to tell her that her cousin Katherine was arrested for burglary so is sending her child to spend the summer in Greece with her worldly relative.

Meanwhile Thor admits that he is also working undercover for the Norwegian National Criminal Investigation Service, looking into terrorist arms trafficking. When an Iraqi is murdered nearby and Thor vanishes with his vehicle in a ravine, Dinah sees parallels to the 1973 case with her as the star suspect.

The fourth Dinah Pelerin amateur sleuth (see Bones of Contention, Bet Your Bones, and Bonereapers is an exciting mystery as the heroine works on proving her innocence, solving the disappearance of her lover and looking into the 1973 case. A fabulous subplot also takes a deep look at contemporary troubled corrupt Greece making parallels to the early 1970s. Although there are too many disruptive (but fascinating) mythological asides, readers will enjoy Pelerin’s Aegean Sea adventure.

Harriet Klausner

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