Kafira-John O’Neill

John O’Neill
AuthorHouse, Jan 25 2013, $36.99
ISBN: 9781481706346

The Supreme Leader Kim iI Jong claims the moon as an annex of North Korea. To back his claim, the Supreme Leader assigns the nation’s leading biomedical researcher Shin Min Shu to develop a deadlier strain of Ebola.

Former Royal Marine Commando Charles Edmonds is the Special Assistant to the Director of NASA. He leads an investigation into a claim by the thirteen year old son of a Connecticut astronomer that he saw a two second flash on the moon. Taking it seriously and finding other supporting evidence, NASA has Edmonds puts together a Luna landing team that includes thirtyish Israeli widow Kafira “Kaffie” Weiss whose beloved husband Ira was killed in conflict with the Palestinians. Recognized as the world’s number one expert on Ebola, what Kaffie and others learn on the moon leads her and her CDC Special Pathogens Unit desperately seeking a way to prevent the North Korean enhanced Ebola strain from going pandemic.

This is an exciting thriller that deftly ties a moon landing with biological warfare. The key members of the international cast appear fully developed as for instance Shin Min Shu feels euphoric over her research but remorse over what the world might do to the children of her country and if her leader deploys her pathogen killing the young of other nations. The storyline is extremely fast-paced (too transitionally fast at times) as Kaffie knows time has run out.

Harriet Klausner


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