Unspeakable-Kevin O’Brien

Kevin O’Brien
Pinnacle, May 28 2013, $9.99
ISBN: 9780786031580

In Seattle, hypnosis therapist Olivia Barker finds it ironic that her heal thyself mantra she offers her patients should be adopted by her as she has some of their worse addictions like smoking. Twentyish Russ Leander arrives at her office for her hypnotic treatment. However, his real name is Colin Cox and he lied about his age and his reason for visiting her.

Olivia places Russ under only to have him claim he is a killing psychopath Wade. She brings him back and also learns teenage Collin made a lot of money as a child star but his mom spent it all leaving him a victim at school and supermarket appearances for chump change. The therapist wonders how Collin knows so much about several homicides making her ponder whether he suffers multiple personality disorder with one of his individuals being a long time serial killer. In fear she considers breaking her silence before she becomes a victim vs. whether staying mute keeps her safe.

Unspeakable is a taut medical thriller starring a frightened beleaguered therapist and her patient who appears to have several personalities including a homicidal lunatic. Readers will relish Kevin O’Brien’s tense twisting tale that grips the audience throughout.

Harriet Klausner

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