Not By Sight-Kathy Herman

Not By Sight
Kathy Herman
David C. Cook, May 1 2013, $14.99
ISBN: 9780781408042

In Arkansas, Jimmy Dale Oldham goes out hunting as a sign of passage though he loathes killing anything. However, a bearded older man tells the lad he shot and killed a person. The man tells Jimmy Dale to go home while he cleans up the mess.

Five years have passed without a word since the Cummings patriarch Micah and their youngest daughter Riley Jo vanished; leaving behind his wife Kate and three other children. Kate runs the Flutter’s Café though she has given up hope of her spouse and child coming home and like her kids suffers from a lack of closure. Her oldest child sixteen year old Abby sees a girl who looks like Riley Jo. She takes a picture of the girl just before a bearded man hustles her away. Abby tries to convince her mom with the cellphone picture, but Kate rejects the premise that Riley Jo lives nearby. With her BFF Jay, Abby makes inquiries but soon someone threatens the pair to back off or else.

The first powerful Ozark Mountain inspirational tale is a terrific tense thriller that readers will relish as the incomparable Kathy Herman combines a family tragedy with survivors who gave up on their “unkind God” for abandoning them. Action-packed with a fabulous twist, fans will enjoy Not by Sight as the Cummings brood lost their faith, but Abby, with a foxhole mentality of praying for divine help, refuses to give up on finding her sister and her Daddy.

Harriet Klausner

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