Targets Of Revenge-Jeffrey S. Stephens

Targets Of Revenge
Jeffrey S. Stephens
Gallery, Feb 19 2013, $26.00
ISBN: 9781451688726

CIA field operative Jordan Sandor ignores the warning of his superiors to forget Venezuelan terrorist Adina, who escaped his previous attempt to end this psychopath’s reign of indiscriminate mass murdering (see Targets of Opportunity). He deploys a hand-picked team to destroy Adina’s cell and kill this maniac.

Sandor glides into the Venezuelan jungle with plans to assassinate Adina. However, though he thirst for vengeance as one of Adina’s victim was a close friend, Sandor changes his mission once he obtains facts on the ground after breaching the terrorist’s camp. Adina is not just processing cocaine for the world markets, he is manufacturing anthrax. Killing the abomination may not thwart his unknown evil scheme. Contacting his agency’s bureaucratic leaders, Sandor convinces them to set up a counter-operation to prevent Adina from deploying his latest evil. As he globetrots, Sandor finds his adversary has allies inside the American and several foreign governments to probably include the CIA and INTERPOL.

The latest fast-paced Sandor entry (see Targets of Deception) is an exciting action-packed tale as the hero risks his life to save the innocent from an amoral maniac’s plan to cause a pandemic disaster. With a contemporary Rambo-like star moving forward the storyline at an incredible clip, fans of action-packed thrillers that never takes a respite will appreciate the rematch.

Harriet Klausner

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