The Perfect Scream-James Andrus

The Perfect Scream
James Andrus
Pinnacle, Feb 5 2013, $9.99
ISBN: 9780786027705

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Detectives John Stallings and Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office handle a missing person’s case that neither wants to investigate. Ten days ago, University of North Florida senior Zach Halston vanished. The pair chats with Halston’s Tau Upsilon Fraternity buddies, and they search his two apartments. In one of them Stallings finds a photo of Halston with his missing teenage daughter Jeanie; the case has become interesting for the veteran cop who conceals the picture from his partner and his estranged wife as he has his first lead in three years on an inquiry that matters to him.

Meanwhile, a diabolical avenge-seeking killer wants to hear the spoiled affluent Tau Upsilon members scream while dying. One at a time they are brutally murdered as the serial killer lives for The Perfect Scream.

The latest Detective John Stallings Florida police procedural (see The Perfect Prey and The Perfect Death) is a taut suspense starring several “damaged” individuals including the cops and the killer. Action-packed, fans will enjoy following Stallings who gets around the Sunshine State seeking clues to his missing daughter under the guise of the Halston inquiry. Although the climax feels rushed, James Andrus provides an exciting psychological thriller.

Harriet Klausner


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