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Death Goes Postal-Rosemary and Larry Mild

December 6, 2012

Death Goes Postal

Rosemary and Larry Mild

Magic Island Literary Works, Aug 13 2012, $14.95

ISBN: 9780983859710


In 2004 in Bath, England, Professor Emil Kravitz believes the “old mule” is in his way.  Kravitz wants the Herr Koenig’s fifteenth century typesetting molds.  He visits Professor Abner Fraume to demand the octogenarian hand them over to him, but the old mule refuses; having hid the valuable relics and sent three letters to his sister Edythe Bender in the States as to there whereabouts.  Raging out of control Kravitz kills the man standing in his way.


In Annapolis, Maryland Edythe and her husband are ailing so they need to sell their Olde Victorian Bookstore, but refuse to do it to just anyone.  They want someone who appreciates old books and will treat the bookstore’s live-in cat Lord Byron with kindness; so she choose their friends Dan and Rivka Sherman.  At a book event, employee Liz Nathan mentions the letters, which apparently lead to a break-in and the kidnapping of Rivka; as one of the attendees must be obsessed Kravitz. 


Death Goes Postal is a terrific bookstore mystery that is ironically made fresh by the six centuries old typesetting artifacts.  The whodunit is fun to follow as readers, Dan and the Feds believe Kravitz is behind the dangerous crimes, but do not know who in the mystery writer’s club he is (though you would think that would be relatively easy to find out).  Fans will appreciate this engaging whodunit as the infant days of printing meets the on demand digital age.


Harriet Klausner

Scrapped-Mollie Cox Bryan

December 6, 2012


Mollie Cox Bryan

Kensington, Dec 31 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9780758266323


Mike and Annie Chemovitz agreed she would quit her investigative reporter job at the Washington Herald to become a stay at home mom to their two sons Ben and Sam.  The Chemovitz quartet relocated to Cumberland Creek, Virginia where she becomes a Cropper of the Cumberland Creek Scrapbook Club and she still free-lances occasionally for the paper as she did with the Maggie Rae Dasher death (see Scrapbook of Secrets). 


The police drag a corpse out of the Cumberland Creek River.  Detective Brant points out to Annie that the deceased had strange markings on her body.  Meanwhile Cookie Crandall the witch joins the scrapbookers’ club though she insists she lacks any experiences; she quickly becomes friends with the members.  Another homicide with runes on the body occurs.  When Brant names Cookie as the only suspect due to the arcane markings and her being a witch, Annie supported by the Croppers investigate.  However, every clue they dig up leads to digging a bigger hole for Cookie; especially when they find an advanced-level, elaborately decorative spiritual scrapbook that a rookie could never have done.


The latest Cumberland Creek Mystery is an enjoyable whodunit starring a strong protagonist (Annie’s reaction to the first corpse sets the tone for the storyline).  Fast-paced, readers will wonder who Cookie is and why she is in town in Mollie Cox Bryan’s entertaining investigative tale.


Harriet Klausner

The K Street Affair-Mari Passananti

December 5, 2012

The K Street Affair

Mari Passananti

Rutland Square Press, Jan 8 2013, $15.99

58 West Rutland Square; Boston, Massachusetts 02118

ISBN: 9780985894603


Terrorists simultaneously attack several Washington, D. C. Metro stations in the worst assault on American soil since 9/11.  While her husband cannot get home, FBI Agents Henry Redwell and Maxwell Van Buren visit Rutledge & Smerth junior associate lawyer Lena Mancuso at her house.  The Feds demand Lena assist them prove their case against disgraced lobbyist William Acheson and her employer Q. Randolph Smerth who leads a team she is on defending the former in court.  The agents insist the pair knew the terrorist attack was coming and want her to be their informant proving bribery and money laundering involving Smerth and his Clearwater clients Acheson, Russian oil baron Korov and future Saudi ruler Prince Aziz.


Though she insists Smerth is no terrorist abettor, she reluctantly agrees to help the Feds.  However, Lena soon realizes the FBI is clueless as to how dangerous and humongous the international octopi of Lotus a “blocker company on steroids” truly are when it comes to profiting from tax free war. 


The K Street Affair is a superb financial legal thriller starring a woman whose life is devastated when the Feds knock on her door to recruit her as an undercover operative.  Lacking ambition as partnership is not a goal she wants to sacrifice her life for, Lena seems like a poor Hail Mary choice to save the country (and other nations) from a deadly global corporacy.  Fans will enjoy this taut tale wondering whether this apparently average person has the guts to risk her life and those of her loved ones to prevent an insider takeover of the country when the impact on her would be insignificant at best.


Harriet Klausner