Take The Trophy & Run-Gail Sattler

Take The Trophy & Run

Gail Sattler

B&H, Nov 1 2012, $14.99


ISBN: 9781433677298


In Bloomfield, BFFs crafts shop owner Amber Weathersby and mechanic Stan Wilson belong to the Bloomfield Garden Club though the former knows she is pathetic when it comes to growing things and expects to lose her membership even with his help.  Her expertise is with creating crafts out of her store and arranging the Spring Fling Early Bloomer display in the winner’s garden.  As she does annually, she uses her gnome Gnorman to hold the trophy as the centerpiece in the winning garden.  This year Gnorman wears Stan’s sombrero as an added touch in Becky’s garden.


Before Amber can receive the accolades due her for her wonderful arrangement, someone gnome-naps Gnorman and the trophy.  Amber and Stan track the elusive Gnorman but the clues they follow seem crazy; almost as insane as the awareness of the deep attraction each of the two amateur sleuths feel for the other.  As they continue their odd pursuit, Gnorman the gnome plays matchmaker between two BFFs in love.


Take The Trophy & Run is an enjoyable romantic comedic cozy starring two engaging protagonists supported by his mom Kathy and several other Bloomfield Garden Club members, and of course the elusive Gnorman (picture the gnome in a tux).  Fast-paced fun, fans will appreciate this jocular whodunit as the detectives find love in Bloomfield.


Harriet Klausner

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