Illegally Iced-Jessica Beck

Illegally Iced

Jessica Beck

Minotaur, Dec 24 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9781250001078


In April Springs, North Carolina, friends Donut Hearts owner Suzanne Hart and town blacksmith James Settle are arguing.  However, soon afterward someone stabs and kills James while the sun was up out in the open.  Another shop owner Gabby Williams tells the police that she saw Suzanne fighting with James just before he died. 


Police Chief Martin leads the investigation though he believes Suzanne is not the killer though many townsfolk do.  Knowing her reputation and business are on the line, Suzanne and her BFF Grace Gauge begin their own inquiry especially wondering why no witnesses in a daylight public stabbing had come forth.  They soon learn the victim was a wealthy heir and had issues with his ex-girlfriend.


The latest Donut Shop Mystery is an engaging amateur sleuth as the intrepid dynamic duo investigates who murdered their friend.  This time suspicion rotates back to Suzanne who shared the prime suspect role in Killer Crullers and had the lead in Fatally Frosted; Grace was the suspect in Powdered Peril; the heroine’s mom Dorothy in Drop Dead Chocolate; and ex-husband Max in Sinister Sprinkles.  Readers will enjoy this entertaining regional culinary cozy as Suzanne knows it is her turn for her neighbors to wonder and gossip about whether she killed the blacksmith.


Harriet Klausner

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