Edge of Black-J.T. Ellison

Edge of Black

J.T. Ellison

Mira, Nov 13 2012, $14.95

ISBN: 9780778313724


Following the tragic deaths of her husband and children a couple of years ago (see A Deeper Darkness), former medical examiner Dr. Samantha Owens finally left Nashville to teach forensic pathology in the fall at Georgetown.  She even has a boyfriend veteran Xander Whitfield.   Currently she teaches a summer class at GW when a student Brooke Wasserstom becomes very ill.  With the help of students, she takes Brooke over to campus ER where Sam finds other patients with the same condition.


Wearing her M.E. cap as a consultant, Sam learns the common thread of all those ill is riding the Metro.  Meanwhile three die from the unknown pathogen while the media and Homeland Security causes panic across the nation.  As Sam works the case, she realizes the predator is not a terrorist, but instead a psychopath with a personal lethal agenda.


The second Samantha Owen forensic thriller is a great tale that grips the audience starting with the collapse of Brooke and never stops until the final confrontation.  Fast-paced with insight into forensics theory like Locard’s Exchange Principle interwoven into the exciting storyline, fans will relish this great entry as Sam proves she is the equal of Taylor Jackson (see Where All The Dead Lie) when it comes to strong nail-biting suspense.


Harriet Klausner

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