Collared-L.A. Kornetsky


L.A. Kornetsky

Gallery, Nov 13 2012, $15.00

ISBN 9781451671643


In Seattle, Washington, Ginny Mallard struggles to make a success of her private concierge business.  Needing a new client to stay afloat and feed her puppy Georgie, she heads to her neighborhood bar Mary’s with hope that she can find a customer there.


At the pub, Ginny overheads realtor Walter Jacobs telling bartender Teddy Tonica that he is worried about his Uncle Joe, who vanished with some important business documents.  Ginny offers her services to find Uncle Joe and the papers; though doubtful about her abilities, Walter hires her.  Ginny persuades Teddy to help her as his people skills, honed by bartending, complements her research talent.  Also joining the human duet on the hunt for Uncle Joe are Mary’s Mouser Mistress Penny-Drops and Georgie.


The first Gin & Tonic amateur sleuth is an engaging missing person’s mystery with a delightful Seattle setting.  The lead quartet is a fun teaming as the humans argue much more than the cat and dog.  Fast-paced, readers will enjoy this engaging cozy.


Harriet Klausner

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