Highball Exit-Phyllis Smallman

Highball Exit

Phyllis Smallman

TouchWood Editions, Oct 30 2012, $18.95


ISBN: 9781927129791


In Jacaranda, Florida thirtyish Sherri Travis worries that the bank will foreclose her Sunset Bar and Grill as she is three  months behind on her mortgage.  She cannot turn to her lover Clay who has lost his fortune when the housing market imploded. 


Aunt Kay tells Sherri that childhood friend Holly Mitchell committed suicide and that another buddy from the old days, police officer Danny Raines found the body but failed to identify the corpse as Hilly.  She offers Sherri three months of mortgage payment if the bartender finds out what happened to Holly’s baby Angel.  Sherri had no idea that Holly had a child through Aunt Kay insists she met the baby.  The bartender puts down the Jack Daniels visiting Raines who had an affair with Holly that he does not want his superiors to know abour.  She also learns Holly was an escort at Angel Escort Service.  With Aunt Kat as her sidekick, Sherri investigates what happened to Holly in order to track down a baby no one except Aunt Kay knew exists.


The latest Sherri Travis amateur sleuth (see Margarita Nights, Sex in a Sidecar, Brewski for the Old Man and Champagne for Buzzards) is an engaging whodunit in which the heroine begins to wonder whether saving her bar is worth the investigation into an infant who might not exist.  Aunt Kay’s antics add fun to the tale while the relationship with Clay seems shaky since he is on the road with his ex with him.  Fans will enjoy downing a fifth while touring the West Florida beaches with Travis as our guide.


Harriet Klausner

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