No Regrets, No Remorse:-R.F. Sharp

No Regrets, No Remorse:

R.F. Sharp

Poisoned Pen, Nov 6 2012, $24.95

ISBN 9781464200434


Palm Beach, Florida sleazy attorney “Big Jack” Burdine dies in a boat explosion; a passerby also perished in the incident.  The police arrest lawyer Roy Flagler, who allegedly was having an affair with the victim’s wife Lucy.  Roy calls his ex-law partner Oscar Leopold to defend him.  At the jail, Roy explains that Jack’s fuel line was cut and the cops claim he has means, motive and opportunity especially after a public fight between them.  Finally he says he and Lucy have been seeing each other on a personal basis as well as on a wrongful death suit.


Oscar asks his former lover (and roommate), Sydney Simone to help him with the defense.  Sydney hides from Oscar that she runs Human Pest Control, which lives up it its name as an exterminator of two legged rodents.  In fact she just completed a job in Michigan.  The case turns convoluted when Roy is implicated in a vast insurance scam that has Oscar under investigation too.


This is a fast-paced thriller with legal and kick butt action.  With her different morality (sort of mindful of Beth Riesgraf’s Parker in Leverage) Sydney steals the show as she takes no prisoners in her secret endeavor and in protecting Oscar the wuss.  Though none of the cast is likable, fans will enjoy No Regrets, No Remorse due to the anti-heroine whose attitude brings freshness to the genre.


Harriet Klausner

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