The Geneva Trap-Stella Rimington

The Geneva Trap

Stella Rimington

Bloomsbury USA, Oct 2 2012, $25.00

ISBN: 9781608198726


At a Swiss tennis club Russian agent Alexander Petrov states to British operative Russell White he needs to speak with “Lees Carlisle.”  The Russian also says no one else before leaving.  Russell tells what happened to Terry Castle at the M16 station in the British Embassy in Geneva.  They agree that Petrov, once listed as Second Secretary, Soviet Trade Delegation, wants to make contact.  In Vauxhall Geoffrey Fane knows the Russian wants to speak with Liz Carlisle of MI5.


Liz recalls meeting Petrov years ago; she agrees to see him in Geneva.  Fearing Cold War II, he warns her of a cyber-attack on software controlling unmanned drones.  He further insists his country is not behind the assault but is unaware who is.  Since the drones are a joint venture with the Americans, the British Intel warns London based CIA chief Andy Bokus.


The latest Liz Carlyle espionage thriller (see Rip Tide) is a great action-packed tale as the protagonist and her unit search for a traitor within and the enemy without in order to prevent a new Cold War that could turn hot rather quickly.  Although a personal scenario adds depth to Liz’ personal side, this also detracts from what spy aficionados want: an otherwise fantastic thrilling international espionage saga.


Harriet Klausner

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