How To Dine On Killer Wine-Penny Warner

How To Dine On Killer Wine

Penny Warner

Obsidian, Jul 3 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9780451237866


Based in San Francisco, Presley Parker’s event planning business is thriving in spite of the economy.  Her latest job is at the Purple Grape winery in Napa Valley; as the owners Rob and Marie Christopher introduces their new wine.  Besides Presley, connoisseurs and critics, the planner’s and her Alzheimer’s suffering mom attends.


Serene Napa Valley is filled with intrigued, doubles crosses and malicious gossip.  One of the most persistent agitators is JoAnne Douglas, president of the Green Grape Association environmentalists.  The activist believes the Christopher couple is destroying the environment with their new wine, which is not green enough.  She causes a scene before the event; Rob gets rid of her but not before JoAnne threatens to devastate the gala.  The event goes off perfectly; however afterward, JoAnne’s body is found under a table.  The evidence points towards Rob so the police arrest him.  Pressley believes he is innocent so she investigates but finds the victim had a valley full of enemies.


Putting aside that Pressley had no logical reason to investigate, the latest Party-Planning Mystery (see How To Party With A Killer Vampire) amateur sleuth fans will toast Penny Warner with killer wine for this strong whodunit filled with double and triples crosses.  The heroine cannot stop herself from making inquiries; while her boyfriend crime scene cleaner Brad accepts her predilection though he hates the danger Presley places herself in.  Her mom enhances the tale with her zany shenanigans.  Readers will enjoy this engaging treat.


Harriet Klausner



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