Extended Family-Patrick Kendrick

Extended Family

Patrick Kendrick

Thomas & Mercer, Jun 5 2012, $14.95

ISBN: 9781612183107


The charming handsome man enters the Future-Gen clinic to donate sperm.  Afterward, he asks the receptionist to join him for dinner at exclusive Eduardo’s.  She accepts his invitation while cheekily asking him if he will be able to get it up later.


One generation later, FBI Special Agent Rose Cleary and Fire Marshal Greymon Gift discuss recent homicide arson cases.  Someone is torturing including dismembering victims before setting fire to the murder scene; the dead further share in common they all were serial killers.  Rose and Grey team up on the investigation, but find horrifying evidence that the recovered DNA is a close match to that of allegedly dead serial killer Dr. Harmon Gettys. This means it is either him or chips off the old block offspring. 


Extended Family is an odd but entertaining thriller as the protagonists hunt for the serial killer of serial killers.  Overall the storyline is fast-paced and at times very gory as journal entries can be first person explicit.  Although the romantic segue feels forced and unnecessary except as a sub-genre requirement when a man and woman work a case, fans will enjoy this engaging tale more complex than the DNA double helix.


Harriet Klausner


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