Backfire-Catherine Coulter


Catherine Coulter

Putnam, Jul 10 21012, $26.95

ISBN: 9780399157325


In San Francisco, Clive and Cindy Cahill stand trial for serial killings and abetting espionage.  Soon after that presiding Judge Ramsey Hunt is shot in the back near his home overlooking the ocean. 


In DC an unaddressed letter is given to FBI Agent Dillon Savich with no deadly chemicals or biological agents; only a note: “FOR WHAT YOU DID YOU DESERVE THIS”.  Soon after that Ramsey’s wife Molly calls Savich to beg him to come to find out who shot her husband.  She further says Ramsey is in surgery to save his life.  Savich and his partner Lacey Sherlock head for California immediately to provide support to Moly and to investigate the shooting of their friend, a federal official.  Working with California-based law enforcement officials’ task force, they learn the Cahill proceedings started off with a shocker when in your face federal prosecutor Mickey O’Rourke provided a weak opening argument and now cannot be found. 


The latest S&S FBI procedural (see Split Second and Whiplash) is an exciting suspense-laden whodunit.  Somewhat a family affair, fans will enjoy this twisting over the top of the Golden gate bridge mystery as the fast-paced thriller never slows down until after the final confrontation.


Harriet Klausner

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