Vortex-Cherry Adair


Cherry Adair

St. Martin’s, May 22 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9780312371951


Midnight in the Pacific a hundred miles from the nearest land Peru with no other ship around, Logan Cutter struggles with a fully panicked woman who is drowning but fighting him.  When she finally succumbs to unconsciousness from the exposure to the cold and swallowing tons of water, he gets her to his treasure hunting ship the Sea Wolf.


When she recovers a little, a furious and freezing Daniela Rosado vows to kill her criminal cousins who tossed her into the ocean after hitting her believing Logan will rescue her.  She pretends ignorance as to how she got there and says her name is Annie.  He believes she lies and probably works for his adversary Rydell Case.  Instead the Lima art gallery owner’s stupid felonious relatives want her to help Cutter with a map to find sunken treasure they claim as theirs.


The latest Cutter Cay romantic suspense (see two of Logan’s brothers’ adventures – Riptide and Undertow) is an exciting at sea and somewhat on land thriller.  Fast-paced from the moment the hero rescues the damsel in distress and never slows down until the final unlikely (but exhilarating confrontation, readers will enjoy action-packed Vortex while knowing sibling Jonah will steer the next story.


Harriet Klausner


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