COAST: An Act Of Burial-Xander Richards

COAST: An Act Of Burial

Xander Richards

BookBaby, Apr 25 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9781620956076


Tactical Deployment and Response Team (TDR-12) chief special ops agent Corporal Ian McKinley assassinates his Uncle Brennan, weapons dealer who sold high-tech armament to terrorists.  He returns to his base under the streets of Nottingham where his superior officer General Sutton assigns TDR-12 to get to the Fort William navy supply ship that has foundered in the Persian Gulf because the vessel contains four trident nuclear warheads that they must possess.  McKinley and his teammates Carter and Brook arrive quickly, but are attacked and two nukes are gone.


At the same time, members of the TDR units are being murdered.  When TDR-7 is wiped out, TDR-12 takes over their mission traveling to Russia to meet arms dealer Vladimir Kholitczyn to learn what he knows about the two nukes.  They survive an assault as the Russian informs them to look back home.  Sutton realizes a traitor is betraying the TDR from within; so he sets up a scheme to find the operative who has betrayed his brothers in arms and his country.


This is an action-packed international espionage thriller starring a team of agents trying to prevent the use of the stolen bombs on British citizens and to uncover the diabolical killing traitor.  The entertaining plot can turn passively wordy when Xander Richards goes deep into the thought processes of TDR-12 during the planning, execution, and after action debriefing of an operation.  I found the insight fascinating but the action to the nth degree fan might not.  With a great twist adding to the fun, COAST: An Act Of Burial is a fabulous war against terrorism tale though Ian and company can use some R&R.


Harriet Klausner


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