The Wowzer-Frank Wheeler Jr.

The Wowzer

Frank Wheeler Jr.

Thomas & Mercer, May 1 2012, $14.95

ISBN: 9781612182124


Almost a decade ago in the Ozarks, Madison County sheriff Tom recruited borderline psychopath Jerry as a deputy and to serve as an enforcer for the for the Sanhedrin local drug cartel.  He is excellent as muscle as he has no compunctions about breaking joints or killing someone though he never murders unless assigned by Tom to do so.


Jerry’s ten year contract is nearing an end.  His plan is to leave the enforcement business which he is unaware of that one just does not retire from the Ozark mob.  He is upset that his girlfriend Dr. Maggie who he rescued from a fire has fled Arkansas in fear of him; having read his psychology report.  Finally Tom has not provided him with the code to his Swiss bank account that contains his share of the loot; which has Jerry thinking his boss may have plans to retire him in a casket to insure he takes his secrets to the grave when he goes out on his last mission.


This is a dark gory rural noir starring a psychopath who may be losing control of his inner demon or perhaps as he believes is actually gaining control.  Action-packed with vividly gruesome scenes, surprisingly in contrast, fans will also see inside the head of a cold blooded killer who understands right from wrong just differently from a neurotypical individual.  The Wowzer will wow sub-genre readers; just don’t read on a full stomach.


Harriet Klausner

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