Into the Darkest Corner-Elizabeth Haynes

Into the Darkest Corner

Elizabeth Haynes

Harper, Jun 5 2012, $24.99

ISBN 9780062197252


In Lancaster, Catherine Bailey enjoys her swinging singles lifestyle as do her friends.  By 2007, Catherine Bailey lives in fear as she cannot leave her apartment without an anxiety attack and she refuses to speak with her neighbors.


In 2003, Catherine meets charismatic hunk Lee Brightman.  He charms her and her friends.  However, what started out as a passionate loving relationship begins to turn ugly as a darker angry Lee emerges from behind the façade of a caring charmer.  Lee begins to isolate his lover from her family and friends and increasingly controls her activities.  Catherine’s friends believe she is crazy when she complains as they only see the caring charmer.  She becomes obsessively desperate to escape her warden.  In 2005, he is sent to jail for an assault.  By 2007, Cathy still diligently checks her locks several times when at home.  She meets Stuart Richardson, a psychologist neighbor living in the same building as she does.  They become friends as he helps her heal.  However, she panics when she learns Lee is being freed and she sees her former BFF Sylvia Jane who testified in the 2005 trial against her and in favor of Lee.  At her flat, she finds items slightly rearranged an old Lee trick to keep her unbalanced.  Cathy believes he is back, but though frightened she is not paralyzed as she was a few years ago because she is not totally alone.


This is a great gripping psychological thriller that focuses on the crippling aspects of abuse.  The prime players are fully developed with the changes from happy Catherine to crippled Cathy appallingly frightening.  Fast-paced, this is a stunning scary suspense starring degrees of obsession.


Harriet Klausner

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