Midnight Rescue-Elle Kennedy

Midnight Rescue

Elle Kennedy

Signet, May 1 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9780451236586


In Corturo, Colombia, assassin Abby Sinclair prepares for the kill when she learns of a sex auction selling young girls.  Having been rescued from the streets by a kind retired ranger, she feels a need to do likewise as part of paying back the “debt” she owes her mentor.  To rescue the girls before they become sex commodities, Abby allows herself to be caught.  Though beaten, she waits for the right moment to liberate the girls before she escapes.


Abby’s boss Noelle “The Queen of the Assassins” sends a team to rescue Abby.  Noelle turns to Jim Morgan and his mercenaries.  In Columbia, Morgan’s mercenaries succeed in freeing Abby.  However, she refuses to leave until she completes her rescue mission.  One of the mercenaries, Kane Woodland, attracted to Abby, agrees to help while Devlin her irate embarrassed former capturer pursues her.


This opening act in the Killer Instinct romantic suspense is an exciting thriller as the assassin and the mercenary fight, fight, and fight while falling in love.  Fast-paced, fans who appreciate an in your face couple (thinks of the offspring) will relish visiting Columbia.


Harriet Klausner


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