The Columbus Affair-Steve Berry

The Columbus Affair

Steve Berry

Ballantine, May 15 2012, $27.00

ISBNL 9780345526519


Columbus pleaded with Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand to fund a fourth trip to the New World, but they refused for four years until suddenly they agreed.  Suspicious, he and his friend de Torres make it to Jamaica where they pray no one finds what they hid.


Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist Tom Sagan cannot accept how far he has fallen in disgrace since he filed a report on a war crime eight years ago that subsequently was proven false.  He lost his family, his friends, his vocation and now he considers his life.  Tom never reconciled with his late wife or deceased father after each cut him out of their life.  The one that hurts most is his daughter Alle who demanded he leave when he showed up at the funeral of her mother and his ex-wife two years ago.


As he has a gun to his head, a man taps his window showing him a picture of a bound Alle.  Zachariah Simon informs Tom, Alle is his prisoner and if he failed to cooperate she will be raped.  Simon orders Tom to dig up the body of his deceased father, a devout Jew as he believes that the disgraced reporter’s renowned archeologist grandfather left him with Columbus’ secrets that would rock the world.


This is an exciting action-packed over the top of the Wailing Wall thriller that readers will struggle to put down.  The storyline is fast-paced from the moment Simon shows Tom his IPad displaying the threat to Alle and never takes a respite until the final confrontation.  Fans will be hooked as Simon seeks much more than just Columbus’ secrets while Tom seeks his daughter’s safety as redemption means little to him anymore.


Harriet Klausner

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