Act of Terror-Marc Cameron

Act of Terror

Marc Cameron

Pinnacle, May 1 2012, $9.99

ISBN 9780786024957


In freedom of information databases, Jericho Quinn works for the USAF Office of Special Investigations; in reality the President deploys him as an “other government agent” (OGA) who works those scenarios in which the finesse of the security agencies fail and a hammer is needed; he and his OGA operative peers are the hammers.


Terror strikes have frightened the nation leaving many dead from suicide bombers and most people panicking.  Allegedly loyal Americans like the Deputy Director of the CIA and a cop go on  a mass murdering spree.  The pending wedding of the vice president’s daughter poses a great target for terrorists.  Security will be at its highest to include Quinn and OGA, but he is also on the government’s anti-terrorist assassination list.


With collateral damage an occupational hazard, the latest Quinn OGA thriller (see National Security) is an exhilarating and gory over the top of the Washington Monument thriller.  Although the key players are stereotypical, the fast-paced storyline will excite fans who enjoy action, action, and bloody more action as Jericho terrorizes the terrorists.


Harriet Klausner

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