Deadline-Fern Michaels


Fern Michaels

Kensington, Apr 24 2012, $15.00

ISBN: 9780758266040


In California, Sophie performs a séance for the state’s First Lady who needs to contact her assassinated uncle.  Afterward Toots and the three Godmothers (Sophie, Ida, and Mavis) learn that two people are missing.  They are Toots’ stepson entertainment lawyer Chris Clay and actress Laura Leigh have vanished.  They were reported seen together.


Toots daughter Abby, editor in chief of the tabloid Informer (bought incognito by her mom), investigates for her paper and because she likes Chris.  The four golden girls abetted by friends ranging from the streets to the governor’s mansion make inquiries too as they each love Chris.  Back in Georgia, long time housekeeper and friend Bernice needs by-pass surgery.


The Steel Magnolia middle age version of the Sisterhood is a fun but extremely thin thriller as the ensemble cast limits any depth since each of the fearsome female foursome frolic with small personal growth.  Still fans of the series will wonder what the Scoop is re Chris and Laura as like Toots and the Godmothers they hope he and Abby make it.


Harriet Klausner


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