Imperial Scandal-Teresa Grant

Imperial Scandal

Teresa Grant

Kensington, Mar 27 2012, $15.00

ISBN: 9780758254245


In 1815, the excitement of Vienna pales when the news that Napoleon escaped sends chills amongst his enemies.  Wellington prepares for the battle near Brussels that will shape the future of Europe.  British attaché Malcolm Rannoch and his wife Suzanne had enjoyed the galas, but he must return to work as a spy for the crown since the Emperor returns. 


Malcolm meets with French agent La Fleur who is selling information when Colonel Harry Davenport, aide de camp to Wellington, arrives to warn them.  Shots are fired killing La Fleur.  In the garden, Malcolm finds the murdered corpse of Harry’s sister-in-law highly regarded Lady Julia Ashton who should not have been there unless she was spying.  As the city is gripped by the nearby hostilities, Malcolm and Suzanne, trusting no one as they fear an insider betrayal, investigate who murdered Julia and why.


The latest Rannoch Napoleonic Era amateur sleuth (see Vienna Waltz) is an entertaining whodunit that uses the real suspense of the pending battle at Waterloo to serve as a powerful backdrop to the investigation.  The murder mystery is cleverly devised as super red herrings and terrific twists make for a fabulous early nineteenth century thriller.


Harriet Klausner

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