The Innocent-David Baldacci

The Innocent

David Baldacci

Grand Central, Apr. 17 2012, $27.99

ISBN 9780446572996


Will Robie has a unique position; he is an America “sanctioned” assassin who takes on those who the Feds (civilian and military) for whatever reason cannot eliminate.  A sniper of immense talent, Will always accepts the job without question even understanding his agency’s mantra is the opposite of the marines with “left behind”. 


His work is normally outside the country in places like Tangier, but his current assignment is in Washington, D.C.  The hit feels wrong to Will, but obeying orders is deeply entrenched in his soul.  Perhaps it is his attraction to Annie Lambert, but for the first time in his killing career, he refuses to pull the trigger on the target a mom with her little boy.  The fail safe sniper kills both of them while Will snaps photos of the victim’s information and moves her baby to another apartment before fleeing.  However, by failing to do the job, the forty year old hit man becomes the target of his peers.  On the lam by bus to New York, he recognizes a peer and intervenes rescuing fourteen years old Julie who witnessed a man murdering her parents.  Though he knows it is inane, Will helps the endangered teen unaware of a conspiracy high up the power chain ready to snuff out anyone in their way.


This is an exciting over the top of the Washington Monument thriller starring a man who lived by the code “My Country, Right or Wrong” until the American mother and her kids incident.  Filled with betrayals, David Baldacci hooks readers with this fast-paced tale from the moment the protagonist just said no until the final confrontation.


Harriet Klausner

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