Border Run-Simon Lewis

Border Run

Simon Lewis

Scribner, Apr 24 2012, $22.00

ISBN 9781416596059


Howard takes affluent British youngsters Will and Jake on a special tour of Yunan Province near the Chinese border with Burma.  He promised to show them a special waterfall in the forest and introduce the visitors to tribal girls who enjoy sex with handsome young westerners.


However, their dream fantasy turns ugly nightmare when they reach the waterfall and the women.  Howard has used the two morons as a cover to his smuggling operation; and the females are hired help.  Increasingly in deepening trouble, a customs official challenges the Brits for being near the border.  Jake uses a crossbow to kill him, but efforts to conceal the crime sends the pair into even more tsuris.  As the BFFs become best enemies forever, their chances of escape seemingly diminishes to zero.


This tense thriller focuses on how easily civilization (and friendship) is stripped away from the affluent when removed from their familiar taken for granted safety net and left in a ferocious jungle to fend for themselves in a reality survival of the deadliest scenario.  Fast-paced from the moment the foolish lads meet Howard, fans will enjoy the Border Run as the adage “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is” proves lethally valid.


Harriet Klausner

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