Too Close For Comfort-Eve Gaddy

Too Close For Comfort

Eve Gaddy

Bell Bridge, Oct 14 2011, $11.95

ISBN: 9781611940466


In Texas at the Fort Williams Center Hospital, the gunshot wound victim Frankie Lemont begins babbling about what happened as calm Trauma Center emergency surgeon Dr. Marissa Fairfax tries to save his life.  However, Frankie sees JuJu Jerome arrive with a cop.  Jerome takes the cop’s gun and fires it at Frankie shutting his mouth forever.  He shoots the cop next and grabs Marissa as a hostage to escape from the hospital.  FW Detective Lieutenant Jack Corelli intercedes as he rescues “Dr. Ice”, but Juju Jerome escapes.


Stunned as two years of hard police work died with Frankie, Jack and Marissa argue over his actions.  He interviews her and realizes that Lemont gave a surgical death bed confession to Dr. Ice who is in peril from Juju Jerome who needs to silence her.  His case is alive, but he protects her until she testifies.


This is an entertaining police procedural romance starring two obstinate resolute enemies falling in love.  Each believes their feelings for the other is an unwanted disease, but growing respect has both reconsidering their initial reactions.  The suspense is somewhat minor, but enhances the tale of Dr. Ice and Detective Ice (except in his case when it comes to Tony) melting in love.


Harriet Klausner



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