Play Nice-Gemma Halliday

Play Nice

Gemma Halliday

Minotaur, Mar 13 2012, $24.99

ISBN: 9780312656072


Yugoslavian Kontraobavestajna Sluzba (KOS) counterintelligence service trained young Anya Danielovich to be an assassin.  She wanted out, but knew only in death could she be free.  In Kosovo, to escape she kills odious General Federov and flees for her life with his bodyguards in pursuit.  She reaches her vehicle, which explodes.


In San Francisco, thirtyish single woman Anna Smith lives a quiet life always looking behind her while her memories haunt her.  Recently her paranoia intensifies as Anna believes she is under surveillance.  Hit man Nick Dade has observed Anya Danielovich with an intense scrutiny as his objective is to kill her.  He feels ready to complete the hit after a few weeks of preparation as she walks her dog Lenny in cold wet weather.  However, Lenny manages to introduce his owner to her hit man.  Still as he finds it hard to reconcile Anna with Anya, he sets up the assassination until a third party begins firing.  Nick and Anna flee together as they team up trying to unravel who called for a second hit on his target; as he knows he would have been eliminated too.


The first Anna Smith and Nick Dade Mystery is an exciting San Francisco treat as the pair work together while neither trusts the other.  Fast-paced and filled with action except when Lenny provides amusing slapstick moments; fans will enjoy this entertaining thriller even if the motive for one of the hits seems preposterous.


Harriet Klausner

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