Shore Excursion-Marie Moore

Shore Excursion

Marie Moore

Camel Press, Apr 1 2012, $13.95

ISBN: 9781603818742


Sidney Marsh left small-town Mississippi to become a resident of the Big Apple.  She obtains a job as a travel agent at Itchy Feet Travel.  Currently she and her best friend Jay Wilson lead a cruise ship tour of Scandinavia and Russia.  Her clients on the Rapture are the High Steppers senior citizens.  Meanwhile ship Captain Vargas is interested in Sidney.


However, the idyllic cruise turns ugly when High Stepper Ruth is murdered in her cabin.  Vargas and crew insist on continuing as if nothing happened because Ruth’s death was declared a suicide.  A second suspicious death occurs when another High Stepper is found in the freezer among the desserts.  Positive that the murders are covering up on-board criminal activity, Sidney investigates not trusting the captain or the crew to do a diligent inquiry.  A third death occurs in Tivoli Gardens, but this person is not High Stepper; but instead a seemingly homeless person who apparently hung around wherever Sidney is.


Marie Moore writes a wonderful amateur sleuth mystery starring an intrepid heroine and a quirky support cast.  Armchair travelers will enjoy cruising the fjords of Scandinavia.  Sidney makes too many mistakes on her first inquiry, but like the Mississippi bulldog she is, she keeps on trying; her error-filled efforts bring plausibly to a magical mystery tour of Scandinavia.


Harriet Klausner


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