Head Race-R. Lee Nathans

Head Race

R. Lee Nathans

Hudson House Publishing, Sep 23 2011, $12.95


ISBN: 9781587761850


Medical director of the Doubestrover Township Community Health Center in New Jersey, single mom Dr. Audrey Epstein raises her twelve year old daughter Lainie and her away at a nearby college Josh alone ever since their dad Ben was murdered.  She has problems at home with her tweener and at work with another state inspection and in the Newark Star Ledger where reporter A. J. Amoreaux accuses her staff of improprieties.  On the bright side Bradford Lecoyne Eccleston IV gives her a large pink diamond as an engagement ring.


Craig Boseman believes the world owes him.  He collects a check from the state due to a fake back injury, but that is not enough as he had to move back in with his disgusting mom.  His cousin Dennis’s friend Bill Hartick tells Craig they can make a fortune robbing a clinic.  Instead the trio abducts Audrey and a colleague Tim.  When the local police chief investigates, the mayor tells him to stop wasting money as the pair of pain in butt missing persons are obviously decamped lovers.  The media following the mayor’s lead drops the story while only Brad searches for his missing fiancée.


Bias disclosure: I was hooked with the mention of Jerome Avenue, spaldeen and sewers as my husband was all-neighborhood in stickball.  This is a dark humorous satirical tour of New Jersey in which R. Lee Nathans mocks the media-big business-government complex that has Ike turning in his grave.  The entertaining storyline is fast-paced though it rotates between several subplots starring an ensemble cast besides those above and the suspense comes late.  Readers will appreciate Head Race as the audience will learn that avarice lowlifes come from all classes.


Harriet Klausner

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