Run From Fear-Jami Alden

Run From Fear

Jami Alden

Forever, Feb 28 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9780446572811


Two years ago in Seattle, former Green Beret Jack Brooks saved the life of Talia Vega from a serial killer.  Talia was part of fifteen minutes of notorious fame and she still is unfairly trashed on the Net.


She relocated in the Bay area with her teenage sister Rosario.  At the restaurant where Talia works, Jack enters, which brings back the bad times in her mind.  He explains he is in town for a few weeks helping his boss at Gemini securities.  When Jack meets Rosie’s friend Kevin, he warns the douche bag that these siblings have met enough creeps.  However, Talia soon will be grateful for Jack’s return into her life as a psychopath decides to complete the Seattle nightmare.


The latest Jami Alden romantic suspense (see Beg For Mercy and Hide From Evil) is a pulse pumping taut thriller that grips readers from the first threat to the final confrontation.  The lead couple is an interesting pairing as both have survived the baptism of fire.  The support cast augments a terrific tense tale in which the romantic subplot is palatable but it is the viable threat from a madman that takes center stage.


Harriet Klausner

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