Dublin Dead-Gerard O’Donovan

Dublin Dead

Gerard O’Donovan

Scribner, Mar 13 2012, $25.00

ISBN: 9781451610635


Fourteen months ago reporter Siobhan Fallon was nailed to a cross by the Priest, but survived the ordeal though she is not quite what she was.  Her editor at the Sunday herald Paddy Griffin sends Siobhan to Cork on another soft assignment to cover the funeral of realtor Cormac Horgan, who committed suicide.  Mrs., Kearny saw her at the funeral and knows Siobhan wrote an article on Cormac.  She asks Siobhan to find her missing daughter Gemma Kearney who was Cormac’s girlfriend.   Siobhan makes inquiries into the deceased and his vanished girlfriend that leads her to Bristol, but what she fails to find stuns her.


In Dublin, Detective Inspector Mike Mulcahy, who speaks the language, helps the Spanish police investigate the murder of Irishman Bingo Begly on the resort Fuengirola.   He and his team are also investigating a large cache of cocaine found on a yacht near Cork with no person nearby.  While their cases continue, someone is assassinating mobsters.  When Mulcahy and Fallon compare what they know, they realize their two cases and the serial murders case are tied together, but how and who remains out of reach,


The key to this exciting investigative thriller is trying to figure out how the inquiries connect; that is if they do because Gerald O’Donovan does a great job making it difficult to see except as a Monday morning quarterback.  The storyline starts slow as the lead pair is introduced showing their PTSD (especially Siobhan) remnants from The Priest case (worth reading too).  Once the die is cast, the plot accelerates into a great Irish mystery.


Harriet Klausner


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