No Story To Tell-K.J. Steele

No Story To Tell

K.J. Steele

Fiction Studio, Oct 1 2011, $16.95

PI Box 4613; Stanford, CT 06907

ISBN: 9781936558209


In Hinkley, twins were born, but the tiny feeble female was expected to die.  However, instead her brother named Victor passed away while she survived against all odds.  Later her parents name her Victoria.  Her father loathes his surviving child as he wanted the boy not a girl.  A year later her abusive father dies, but her mother is shocked that she slept for hours with a corpse; she joined him only a few months later when she realized he still bullied her from the grave.  Victoria moves in with her Auntie May, but her newest guardian dies shortly afterward.


Her husband Bobby treats Victoria as a prized possession that he ridicules rather than a partner.  All these people who have controlled her over the years deny her dream of dance.  Only her solo friend Rose knows the real Victoria hiding inside the outer shell of a childlike persona.  However, Elliot the artist recommends the once upon a time dreams of the inner Victoria the dancer and encourages to go after her most fulfilling dream.


This is a deep engaging psychological thriller that focuses on an abused woman who wants to soar free to dance, but is so used to being the scorned bird in a gilded cage she has no concept of idea how to fly.  Victoria makes the insightful storyline work as the protagonist who metaphorically grows wings that changes the dynamics of her relationships.  No Story To Tell tells a terrific story of a survivor finally taking a risk that will shake her world.


Harriet Klausner

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