Deep Sky-Patrick Lee

Deep Sky

Patrick Lee

Harper, Dec 27 2011, $7.99

ISBN 9780061958793


President Garner is on TV giving a speech to the nation from the Oval office when the screens went black.  A missile strike hit the White House killing POTUS and blowing the roof off the facility.  Vice President Holt is given the oath of office while flying back from Los Angeles to DC.  In the Wyoming desert at the most secure facility in the world, agents of ultra-Top Secret Tangent discuss who is responsible.  One of the operatives mentions the Archer Air Force defense program of missiles hidden in civilian areas as a last deterrent against nuclear strikes.  Agent Travis Chase realizes what is implied; the military assassinated their Commander-in-Chief.


Soon after the assassination of the president, enemy operatives mount a precision assault on Tangent.  The target is to take control of the Breach pathway to and from another dimension.  Both incidents required powerful backing. His lover Paige Campbell and technological expert Bethany Stewart are running out of time in spite of having all the time in the world to uncover who is behind the unmentionable that dates back to the Reagan administration yet the truth lies in the near future.


The third Chase thriller (see The Breach and Ghost Country) is a great twisting tale that grips the audience from the moment POTUS is killed and never let’s go until after a climatic stunning finish.  Faster than the show 24, Chase is a sort of Jack Bauer but in a science fiction universe.  Readers will relish this exciting entry in a strong trilogy.


Harriet Klausner

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